Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Taste

This week I invited three of my friends in the Ithaca area to participate in Shabbat festivities. My three friends and I headed to a new bar in town - Corks and More - situated right on the lake. The four of us loaded up pre-paid cards that would allow us to try every wine in the house.

At Corks and More you wander the bar and choose any wine you like from the wall - then the vending machine/ wine tap pours for you. You can try a taste, a half glass, or a full glass. The bar is filled with small clusters of comfortable couches where we sat with our wine and schmoozed a little. It was a great time to catch up and get excited for the year ahead.

We spent $10 or so dollars each and about 3 hours enjoying one another's company. Thanks for the great assignment!

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