Saturday, October 16, 2010

Connecting with my old Indian friends

This is a tad late.

Neel, Murti, and me in college
So for last week's Shabbat Experiment, I was actually in India on vacation. Our assignment was to email or call and old friend we haven't heard from in a while. In high school and in college, I was very close with a number of Indians whom I haven't seen now for some time. And given my trip, I had been thinking of them a lot. So I emailed three of them who I was very close with to ask how they've been doing, tell them about my trip, see where in India their families are from, and when was the last time they were there. It made me so happy to hear back from them. They were thrilled that I went to India, that I thought of them, and that I bothered to get in touch. These friends used to be very close to me, and it felt SO good to hear from them again. That's the way it is with old friends--when you see each other or get in touch, it feels like no time has passed at all!

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