Thursday, October 14, 2010

MIssion: Mitzvah

Greetings loved ones,

I hope everyone is loving the Fall foliage going on right now, and if you don't really have any then head on over to Burlington (Vermont), it is pretty much amazing.

I wanted to take this week's assignment to another level and help enhance your Shabbat experience. During the Passover seder we are supposed to open our doors and say "Let all those who are hungry come eat" but I believe that this should be applied to Shabbat as well (well really everyday but let's just stick with Shabbat for now).

Therefore, this weeks assignment is to buy (or bake) a loaf of bread and give it to a homeless person. While I really do enjoy eating bread I think we should also take this opportunity to spread the joy of Shabbat to all those around us.

This week's assignment comes with two extra credit options, you will not lose points for getting the extra credit wrong-- you just get extra points for doing it.

Extra Credit 1) Sit down and have a conversation with the person you are giving bread to. Find out a little about them (you can even share their story when you blog about it).

Extra Credit 2) Document your experience by getting either a picture with your new friend or of your new friend with the bread you gave them.

Peaceful Sabbath!

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