Friday, August 20, 2010

Drink Wine: The Wine Trials

I'm always on the search for a new type of delicious wine! For this week, "Drink Wine," the first thing that came to mind was a presentation I saw about the book The Wine Trials. The author, Robin Goldstein (a Jewish guy which makes it that much more applicable), conducted a wine experiment- a blind taste test which compared the fancy expensive wines to inexpensive ones (under $15). The results showed that most people preferred the affordable wines more then the super fancy ones!

So I thought we could base our Shabbat Wine experience on the concept of the Wine Trials, this Shabbat/weekend we could all do our own taste test of delicious, but affordable, wine! Feel free to pick out a bottle on your own or look for one of his suggestions, and if you like it, let us know!

This week, I hope you have time to enjoy delicious wine, maybe with a friend or two, and share some good memories. This experiment shows us that price doesn't necessarily equal quality and that something can be so much more wonderful when we don't judge it by it's label... even when it comes to wine.

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