Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Quest for a Bottle

I was ecstatic to receive this week's assignment. I am certainly not a wine connesuir, but I enjoy a glass every now and then. I started off trying to complete the assignment by locating a bottle of wine with a 1987 vintage. Turns out that no one in St. Louis carries wine that old! Luckily, Sarah Beth provided our group with a back up plan... enjoying a wine that triggers a special memory with a loved one. My dad was in town to help me move into my new apartment- all I needed to do was track down one of two bottles of wine. After several trips to various stores to no avail, I decided to cut my losses. I found a Moscato that looked tasty and brought it home after realizing that in my quest for a bottle, I almost lost sight of the beauty of the assignment. I got to take time out of the busy weekend and enjoy a glass of wine with my dear old dad.

<-- Here is a picture of my dad enjoying a glass of wine :)

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