Sunday, August 29, 2010

Walking in Lullwater

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I just want to point out that two weeks in a row now I've done my Shabbat-observing on Sunday, not Saturday.

Today I took a walk in Lullwater Park near my house. (It also happens to be the Emory president's residence.) I was struck by how many different scenes there were to watch--parents playing with their children, men fishing, people walking their dogs, a student in the grass reading. It reminded me of a set of postcards. While I walked, I tried to turn-up my sense of hearing and and my sense of sight. I enjoyed the sound of the wind hushing the leaves and a small waterfall running from the lake. I also really enjoyed noticing the different shapes and personalities of tree trunks. I thought about my mom, who likes to walk around our neighborhood for exercise. She's a nurse and hospital administrator. She encourages people to walk 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy.

Oh, I also walked over a small and narrow bridge, but most importantly, I wasn't afraid!

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