Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mysterious indeed

For me, there is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating then spending the day at the beach. Laying out in the sun, listening to the waves and walking along the shoreline brings me a sense of calm that I can find no where else. It is very strange then, that my line between ultimate serenity and complete panic lay just a few feet apart.
I am terrified of the water. I do not come from "water" folk; we never had a pool, never went to the town lake and certainly never went on a beach vacation. I don't know how to swim - never learned because why should I? I was never near the water. My ocean experiences did not come until much later in my life and now I am constantly afriad of being dragged under and swept out to sea (where, should I survive the drowning, I just know terror is waiting for me - I watch shark week!). Despite my total fear of all that the ocean entails I am drawn to the beach. Quite mysterious, no?
So this weekend, I packed up my towel and sunscreen, put on my cutest bathing suit and headed to the beach. I did go out in the water (with someone holding each arm) and enjoyed the waves for a little while. I won't lie to you, tears were shed. Salt water was swallowed and sand scrapes were received. Despite all of this, I had a wonderful weekend in the outdoors.

My magnificent and mysterious love affair with the ocean continues...

Have a great week everyone!

Proud resident of the Ocean State

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  1. The Ocean State. That's brilliant! Glad you faced your fear. Sand and salt ARE PAINFUL!