Monday, August 23, 2010

Wine Tasting!

This was the perfect principle to have to do this week! My best friend was visiting me in Santa Barbara for a few days and we decided to go to the city of Solvang for the day. Solvang is an old Dutch city, about 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara, where they have wineries all over the town. On specific days, they have a deal for $20 you get a wine glass (for your keeping) and 5 passes to 5 different wineries where you are able to sample 2 different wines each.

It was a truly relaxing evening and wonderful to catch up with my best friend (who I had not seen in months)! I just started working in the office about a month ago and have been very overwhelmed trying to get settled and grasp all the craziness, so it was really wonderful and meaningful to grab a glass of wine with my best friend and kick up our legs and just veg out without a care in the world!

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