Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember the time…

Shavuah tov all! I hope you all had a Shabbat shalom and wonderful weekend!

So as I suspected, finding a bottle wine from the year I was born proved to be a challenging task. Regardless, I found a bottle of wine I have always really enjoyed. On a few occasions I have shared this bottle, Bogle’s Old Vine Zin with friend. I invited a few of my close friends from college over on Saturday evening and explained out Shabbat Experiment. Most are Jewish, but those who are not have certainly been around me long enough to know about Shabbat, if not participate in it in some way.

My three friends and I spend Saturday evening cooking dinner together, drinking wine and laughing our heads off. With the anticipation of freshmen arriving this Monday evening, I could not help but bring up the “old days” and the changes that have occurred in campus life. (I am one of those Hillel professionals that have remained on their college campus well past their undergraduate experience.) It was a reminder of how quickly the culture of a campus changes and how exciting that can feel, both as student and as a staff member on campus. It was really nice to think back to my fun and often very funny college experience. It made me very excited for those students arriving to campus (and all campuses) this week! I hope all of our students get as much out of their friendships, experiences and Jewish communities on campus as I did.

For those of you already underway with your semester, I hope it is going well! For those of you, like me who are just about to start, best of luck!

Shavuah tov!

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  1. Adam Here from Group Gimmel.

    I also found it difficult to find a bottle of wine from my birth year. I was fortunate to spend Shabbat with some new friends, as I just moved to Baltimore.

    The wine that I was able to find was quite unique actually. The wine i found was made from grapes that have been around for 3000 years. The wine is actually rumored to have been the same wine that Homer drank while writing the Odyssey,

    Shabbat dinner was great. I was able to share with the table the back story of this wine and it spurred numerous conversations. It was nice to know that that Shabbat experiment got people talking and sharing stories.

    Most of the comments ended up being. "Wow too bad it's Shabbat and we can't write, because now I feel inspired." I really love how the evening brings everything together and we as Jews have that shared experience.