Monday, September 6, 2010

i owe you a few

okay shabbat experiement, i owe you a few.

i actually have been keeping up with this whole thing, maybe not entirely - so here is an, albeit brief, run-down of what i have found time for the past few shabs.

week 1 - drink wine that has positive associations

in the spirit of the end of summer i bought a vinho verde. i bought the $10 bottle of "opala" that has been a staple grocery item since it appeared at whole foods in may. this was my last weekend of summer so i thought it was appropriate to celebrate with the wine that kept me company while students were gone. glass one: enjoyed alone while getting dressed for shabbat dinner at a friend's house. glass two: took me a while to get dressed. glass three and four: shared with my roommate as we began work on upholstering an antique couch that she picked up off the side of the road.

a great shabbat.

week 2 - go for a walk

easy. i have a dog and we walk every day. i recently moved to a neighborhood in new orleans called the irish channel. it is right below the garden district - which is a really beautiful and historic part of the city. on saturday afternoon motek and i walked a new route through our hood and i reflected on how f*ing awesome living in nola is.

thanks shabbat experiment.

week 3 - avoid technology for the whole weekend.

mike, dude, challenge not accepted. sorry. i did accidentally leave my phone in my car for a few hours on sunday while i was at a second line parade. the parade was awesome, i danced hard and by default avoided technology.

pictured is the opening ceremony at the black men of labor annual second line parade taken from