Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Connect with Loved Ones

Meetings from 9am to 10pm, trips to museums and monuments, a turkey, cranberry sauce, and schnippled green beans.

That's what time with my loved ones is like. I entered into shabbat with my Hillel family in DC - people I've known since I started here over two years ago, and people I've only known since October 4th. There's something really cool to know that you have something in common with your colleagues besides your work and it amazes me how quickly we bond with one another.

Saturday was spent with my big sister and some friends celebrating Canadian thanksgiving in style - will Prosecco and schnippled green beans - my grandmother recipe. Jesse makes schnipple every year in honor of our grandma, and every year, in honor of grandma, I don't touch them. Jesse and I haven't hung out since April, so this was long overdue. Thanks Shabbat Experiment!!

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