Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eating for two

This past week I was gave our group the task to find a person who is living on the street and give them bread. Well, I ended up having a pretty intense interaction, definitely way deeper than expected.

This is Sheryl, she's pregnant,she lives on the street, and her unborn baby is going to need surgery. Sheryl wasn't asking for much when people walked by her, just prayers. She said people wouldn't even give her that, "It's Sunday, some of these people had to have come from church, they could at least say a prayer for me" Sheryl said to me as tears rolled down her cheeks. I stood there wondering what I could do for her, thinking about how many people in the world are experiencing this right now. Vermont is supposed to be a beautiful friendly place, but nobody stopped to even offer up a prayer for Sheryl. I didn't have much to offer her but a loaf of bread and prayers, sometimes all we need to give is our prayers.

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