Sunday, August 29, 2010

I jumped

"She broke her what?," I said. "Her tailbone, she didn't know what she was doing," he replied. "What do you mean?" I asked. "She hit the water with her tush out, like she was sitting in a chair. Make sure you stay vertical. Keep your legs together and arms by your side when you jump." "Will do!" I said as I hung up the phone.

As I come up around the corner I am replaying the morning's conversation in my head,"legs together, I'll point my toes, arms by side, I will be okay," I tell myself.

I hear screaming, and a big splash as I get to the spot. A woman just jumped. She is happy, everything is fine. I approach the edge slowly. Look over, step back. A crowd starts to gather in anticipation of my jump. My heart starts to race. Some guy makes a joke about pushing me. I ask him to take a step back. A guy comes from around the corner, kicks off his sandals and jumps. No problem. Okay, I've seen enough, I can do this.

I step forward again, and look over the edge. I step back, just a little. I count in my head, 3,2,1- I leap off the edge. Holy crap, I'm in the air!! I squeeze my legs together and plunge deep into the water below. I float up to the surface, AMAZING!!!

The water is cool and refreshing. My heart rate is starting to slow down, my skin is tingling all over-I feel so alive! I want to jump again.

This is not not my jump, but someone else jumping where I jumped...

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